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The infinitive class brings knowledge, wisdom and guidance from industry professionals directly to you.

The infinitive class offers best in class coaching classes, test materials, mentorship, and rigorous training for all IIT JEE, NEET, Foundation and pre-foundation aspirants to become Winners. Our IIT JEE Coaching and Medical Coaching are scrutinized as the best classes in Patna, Bihar.

Each of our course draws on the initiative insight to empower students with in-depth analyses of subjects that impact the nation and make headlines.

By concentrated and standardized preparation, every IIT JEE / Medical aspirant can fulfil his/her dream of earning admission to the top IIT/ Medical colleges of India. IIT /AIIMS/NEET Entrance Exams are extremely crucial for the career of a student as it is well realised that a degree from IIT/AIIMS establishes innumerable career openings. Sound practice for any competitive exam is the key element for achieving accomplishment in that exam, and so is a tremendous IIT JEE Coaching and Medical Coaching.


Our mission is to administer society through greatness in education. We constantly strive to define, and frequently refine, the unconditional standard of excellence in the area of academics through the quality of education we provide, the efficiency of our methodologies and strategies, truthfulness towards students, parent, society and region.

We aspire to instil the personalities, significances, and imagination that will motivate them for lifetimes of ceaseless learning and leadership in their chosen careers. The Administration, faculty and personnel of the Infinitive Class share a set of core principles and responsibilities. Educate students for the future. Impart proficiency on which students can build a brilliant career. Treat everyone with appreciation and fairness.

Illustrate our values by administering as teachers and role models. No matter what you do, no matter how many times you blow and reckon to yourself “there’s no sense to carry on”, no matter how many folks tell you that you can’t do it –keep moving. Don’t quit.


Our Vision is to thrive beyond vaults and leaps as an institution of greatness in the arena of entrance coaching and to improvise everything required for stimulating and enlightening the endeavour of students to attain educational excellence and for successfully encountering and competition with the impeccable exemption.

The Infinitive Class continue to be the leading provider of entrance coaching programmes of the elevated quality to those students who have the potential and motivation to become professionals who will be able to participate in professional greatness.

Pertaining the best of the brains around is a tradition at The Infinitive Class now. To explore their mere talent & to make our students gain from their time accumulated knowledge is something that can be contemplated as our foremost & intense desire. We take enormous pride on continuing to its glorious tradition of compiling the gems to establish new ones.


Our team of experts who not just procure exceptional knowledge of each course chosen by our students but also prepare them for practical challenges towards scholastic excellence.